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Weeran Feedlot Marble Score 9!

Alec Moore is delighted with the recent kill data released from Rangers Valley Cattle Station for the Weeran herd.

An excellent result was achieved with gain on feed being 1.46kg per day, compared to feedlot average for the entire month (excluding wagyu’s) being 1.21kg. The marbling result was fantastic! Achieving individual scores of 9, 8 and multiple 7’s for this 2012 drop of steers was outstanding from our own homebred sire Weeran Boomerang VHWB59.

Weeran’s average marble score is 3.6, with the feedlot average for the entire month being 3.1, once again excluding Wagyu data. All this was achieved with a lesser number of days on feed for Weeran of 305 days compared to 307 for the group. The facts are this is breed and industry leading data and confirms that Weeran Performs!

Weeran will be offering a line of 44 bulls for their annual spring bull sale to be held on Wednesday 11th September, 2013 at 1pm. Nine sons of Africa will sell, four sons of Silverias Total and D19 , and three sons of Sitz 458N are a feature of the sale. Other sires include Alpine Candy Bar C178, New Design 4268, TC Franklin, and homebred sires.

The bulls will present well even though the season has been tough. When the going gets tough . . . . that’s when the tough get going! All bulls have been fed a high roughage diet of hay and almond hulls. I’m a great believer that beef cattle have been domesticated into our system, but evolved on grazing unimproved natural herbage high in roughage.

This is the fundamental reason we have designed a ration around gut fill and roughage. Almond hulls are high in energy, low in protein, and very palatable to cattle. This strategy has saved hay, been cost effective and the cattle are healthy and content on it.
The Weeran team will be holding a field day for inspecting the bulls on Friday 6th September at 9am, followed by the annual bull sale on Wednesday 11th February at 1pm.

For further details please contact Alec Moore on 0438 787258 or Stephen Baker on 0408 719100, or


Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024
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