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Landfall Mainland TFAQ494

Mainland was purchased in 2021 in syndication with Bull Oak Well & Mandayen Angus studs. He has an outstanding Phenotype with faultless structure, a real athlete. His data set is outstanding, combining calving ease with a top 5% growth curve, top 2% scrotal, top 2% eye muscle and top 5% docility. Dick Whale has also had him tested genomically using the 10 trait ingenity beef profile system where he has excelled for Tenderness with a top score 10/10 along with very good results for Marbling and Carcase Weight. He has been used in 10 herds with 324 progeny.

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Connamara VHGP64

Connamara P64 was selected for his outstanding data set and outcross pedigree which really packs a punch. He is an APR sire, so he will be hard to find in other HBR programs. For the commercial breeder he will give you a rare opportunity. His data is freakishly good for all traits and combined with our outstanding Joel and Hooper females we believe we have something very special. He has been used in 23 herds with 490 progeny. Please take his photo off the Angus Australia page to put along side him.

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Dunoon Quambatook BHRQ317

Quambatook was a high selling son of Numurkah purchased at Dunoon Angus in the spring of 2021. He combines our mantra of calving ease & carcase with exceptional phenotype. A large framed bull with excellent feet and leg structure combined with excellent docility. These are his first progeny which are grading very well and very consistently, which is giving us a lot of confidence in using him heavily in the future.

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Myers Fair N Square M39 – USA19418329

Myers Fair-N-Square was brought into the program to improve body shape and feed efficiency. He has produced cattle which are as thick as a Blue stone block and yield for carcase weight & retail beef yield which surpasses expectation. He also was tested using the ingenity genomic test and has excelled for Tenderness, Marbling, and Carcase Weight. He has been used in 57 herds with 422 progeny.

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Lawson Momentum VLYQ85

Our exciting new walking sire at Weeran Angus, Q85 was purchased in 2020. His first sons will be sold in the 2023 Autumn Bull Sale. A Lawsons Momentous M518 son, with GAR Sure Fire on the Maternal side. A calving ease, growth and production efficiency sire, with a blisteringly good carcase profile that has loads of WOW factor!

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Murdeduke Quarterback

Quarterback is a bull which caught the eye of a great number of people in the industry for this outstanding phenotype and performance profile. His performance profile is extremely well balanced with only NFI-F and RBY needing adjustment. If you need to advance carase quality and calving ease then Quartback will tick the box. He has been used in 124 herds with 2,433 progeny.

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Lawsons Momentous VLYM518

A high selling bull from Lawson Angus in 2018, Momentous is described as ‘an exceptional son of Momentum, an outstanding individual that excels in every part of the supply chain’. Very good structure with an outstanding carcase profile, with IMF top 1% and EMA top 2% for the breed, which is the main reason Weeran Angus have invested in Momentous, as we believe EMA and IMF will set your cattle apart from the rest, in the eating quality & feedlot profitability. He has 4048 progeny across 102 herds.

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Sydgen Enhance USA18170041

Enhance has an excellent track record at Weeran, and delivered some outstanding powerful performance sons who have topped our sales and constantly in the lead group of sale bulls. Magnificent temperament which we love working with, and a highly efficient converter. He is an outstanding bull combining calving ease and low birth with very powerful growth. He is top 9% or better for all growth ebv’s. He is extremely high for docility and net feed efficiency both in the top 1% for the breed. Packing into that growth curve is a top 13% carcase weight, saddled with a very good carcase profile. A very sound, and phenotypically very attractive, bull. 128 Herds have used Enhance with 3,204 progeny.

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Witherswood Bronc

Bronc is ticking so many boxes in our program and sired the top priced bull at the 2023 Autumn Bull Sale this year! The Witherswood Dispersal sale in 2018 gave the industry access to some top genetics from the very passionate breeding program of John and Joan Woodruff, and Ian Peake. We have been delighted with the donors selected to join our program and to now see one of our donors progeny now in our reference sire list, Witherswood Bronc! He was 8 weeks old when we spotted him at the dispersal sale and he has grown into a magnificent young sire. Bronc has a very balanced ebv graph for calving ease, growth, carcase, indexing and structure. A great allrounder!

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Weeran Hooper H20

Hooper is a fantastic son of TeMania Africa! Extremely well proven at Weeran Angus along with Connamara Angus. Puts balls on his progeny the size of canon balls with a scrotal in the top 2%. This bull is as thick as a brick, and sound as a bell and is the best Africa son I have ever seen. His temperament is perfect and his sons have sold widely with great success. Eleven sons sold for an average of $11,364 at the 2021 Spring sale. He has 390 progeny on the ground.

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Weeran Joel J13

Weeran Joel is the full package for performance which has been validated with his outstanding final results in the Angus Society benchmarking trial, Cohort 6. With a group of 41 sires registered, Joel was in the leading pack of all traits recorded. He was number one in the cohort for Carcase Weight, 4th for 600 day weight and ABI, 6th for 200 day
weight and 8th for EMA. Every time we download his figures, they just keep improving! A very exciting home bred sire! A standout calf from the start which we retained for stud use.
The combination of calving ease, low birth, large scrotal & carcase quality has made him a very easy bull to use.
He adds value to every mating you use him on! He has 414 progeny across 10 herds.

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Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024


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