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Weeran Hooper H20

Hooper, dare I say it, is a fantastic son of TeMania Africa! Unprecedented birth to final, outstanding milk in the top 1% for the breed, extraordinary scrotal also in the top 1%, along with a Heavy Grass Index in the top 3%. This bull is as thick as a brick, and sound as a bell and is the best Africa son I have ever seen. His temperament is perfect & he is breeding very well. He has 234 progeny on the ground.

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Weeran Joel J13

The exciting success story of Joel continues. He is now 7 years old and still kicking goals! Weeran Joel is the full package for performance which has been validated with his outstanding final results in the Angus Society benchmarking trial, Cohort 6. With a group of 41 sires registered, Joel is in the leading pack of all traits recorded. He is number one in the cohort for Carcase Weight, 4th for 600 day weight and ABI, 6th for 200 day
weight and 8th for EMA. Every time we download his figures, they just keep improving! A very exciting home bred sire! A standout calf from the start which we retained for stud use.
The combination of calving ease, low birth, large scrotal & carcase quality has made him a very easy bull to use.
He adds value to every mating you use him on! He has 354 progeny across 10 herds.

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Wattletop Franklin G188

Wattletop Franklin G188 . . . . .the Matron Maker . . . is the best bull to come out of the Wattletop Angus Stud. The most complete bull from Cohort 4 in the Angus Sire Benchmarking Trial, being a trait leader for calving ease, growth, fertility and carcass traits. His mother E295 topped the Stage 1 Wattletop Dispersal sale for $38,000 to Sprys Angus. His daughter, J464 equal topped the sale for $38,000 to Bannaby Angus. His 10 year old Grand Dam C136 sold for $16,000 to KO and Bannaby Angus, and . . . had a total of 16 daughters averaging $14,187 truly highlighting the matron make in this bull. A terrific result in a strong sale where all 259 females sold to average $8,494. He sires moderate, but heavy framed docile cattle with super calving ease. He has 746 progeny across 47 herds.

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Ardcairnie F96

F96 is a graduate of the Angus Society Benchmarking Trial Cohort 3, and displays unparalleled calving ease and

birthweight numbers with an exceptional growth curve. His EMA is in the top 19% of the breed, and his Retail Beef Yield in the top 4% of the breed. He has been used in 22 herds across the country and has 340 progeny analysed.

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Barwidgee Jay W VKD09616

Barwidgee Jay W was purchased in 2011. He is right up in the stirrups for growth and excellent body type. “I have a lot of faith in this sire line to perform in the paddock which is what counts in the end” said Alec Moore. All his data for growth and carcase is heading in the right direction. His progeny are very impressive and have been well received in the marketplace.

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Boonaroo Gravity HCAG013

Boonaroo Gravity G13 – An Angus Australia Sire Benchmark Trial graduate from Cohort 4, with well rounded performance with calving ease, moderate growth and excellent carcass qualities. A pedigree stacked with some of the breeds most influential sires in Te Mania Africa, New Design 036, Kennys Creek Sandy S15 and Scotch Cap, coupled with proven super sound structure was a huge draw card when choosing Gravity G13. Used heavily here at Weeran over heifers and larger birth weight cows to help right any calving ease issues. He has great capacity, softness and thickness. He has 333 progeny analysed across 18 Herds. Photo off Angus Society Link

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Alpine Justice CGKJ108

A larger 7+ framed Te Mania Emperor son out of a moderate Dinky Di cow with excellent growth, and an impressive IMF at +3. Used over our smaller types to add some extra length, frame, and IMF. 128 progeny analysed across 13 herds.

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Musgrave Mediator

Early maturity pattern, heavy muscled son of the renowned Musgrave sire, Aviator, brought in to reduce frame size and add body thickness. A very correct and thick pocket rocket! Breed leading calving ease with outstanding efficiency with top 4% NFI-F out of a super uddered, very productive granddaughter of Hoover Dam. 236 progeny analysed across 23 herds.

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Ascot Hallmark H147

Ascot Hallmark is an outstanding sire by TeMania Emperor E343 out of a Millah Murrah D108 daughter. He is a power bull with top 1% growth for 200, 400 and 600 day weight, with positive fat and good IMF.  Something everyone loves about this sire is his ability to consistently throw incredibly long, easy fleshing, well muscled progeny, adding exceptional performance over the scales.  The top price bull of $30,000 in our 2018 Autumn sale, Weeran Moe M96, was by Ascot Hallmark.

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Wattletop Kiwi K15

Purchased as a yearling at the 2016 Wattletop sale with a semen share sold to Twin Oaks NZ. He was purchased to make use of his outstanding growth curve & calving ease. His outstanding feet & leg structure has been a bonus & his growth has continued to climb. He is producing cattle of moderate frame & very correctly made types. 203 progeny have been analysed across two herds.

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Musgrave Big Sky USA17614813

Dick Whale inspected Big Sky on his USA tour in 2014. He sold for US$145,000 in March 2014. The first sire we have used out of the Musgrave program. He is a big powerful bull with a surprisingly low birth weight. He is very sound and brings a number of important qualities to the table. His calves impress for type. 1,558 progeny across 60 herds.

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Millah Murrah Kingdom K35

Millah Murrah Kingdom needs no introduction as the $150,000 Australian record priced Angus bull purchased by a syndicate including Witherswood Angus, Gilmandyke Angus, Ascot Angus and ABS Australia. Breeders who have used Kingdom appreciate the excellent impact he is having, breeding almighty power, adding huge capacity, wonderful bone and structure and an easy keeping temperament you want in your herd. His daughters are receiving great praise for their capacity and structure with excellent udders and the great job they are doing on their calves. Wherever they have been offered, with their sire’s “paper shortcomings” moderated, Kingdom’s sons sell at or near the top of the offering, said Ross Thompson of Millah Murrah. At the 2018 Millah Murrah sale, a Kingdom son broke the oldest record in the breed, when M192 sold for $34,000 to break the $27,000 mark set for an APR bull in 1991.

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Weeran Lachlan L58

Weeran Lachlan, a son of home bred sire Weeran Hooper, was purchased by Paul and Jenny Lewis and has bred and grown out very well. He is a double cross of Te Mania Africa which has worked really well. Excellent calving ease and good birth to final, with exceptional scrotal…… should have nuts on him like canon balls.
He is in the top 8% of the breed for IMF. You can breed elite eating quality beef efficiently with a sire like this!

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Millah Murrah Docklands J193

J193 was the $17,000 high selling yearling to Monterey Angus in 2014. From the same dam as Ascot Hallmark, Millah Murrah Brenda F123, the 690 kilogram yearling by Carabar Docklands D62, has grown into a massive volume sire producing ultra sleek coated, beautifully laid shouldered, amply fleshing, good framed cattle. He was described by Monterey Angus as a “special bull with no holes in his structure complimented by sensational figures”.

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Millah Murrah Emperor K184

A semen share was purchased by Weeran in this yearling bull at the record breaking 2015 Millah Murrah sale. The TeMania Emperor sons I believe are very impressive, and I felt this yearling bull displayed the Millah Murrah type with enough petrol in the tank, to use in a performance orientated program. His progeny are great types . . . thick, deep sided, broad based cattle that catch your eye.

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Millah Murrah Emperor K184



Millah Murrah Klooney K42

Klooney sold for $80,000 at Millah Murrah in 2015. He is the first calf of Prue H4, who many
consider to be the best Emperor daughter to surface. Klooney is receiving rave comments from breeders across the country for his ability to transmit exceptional structure and phenotypic excellence to his offspring. In Spring 2017, the first nine Klooney sons sold at Millah Murrah to a $50,000 industry record yearling price and an average exceeding $20,000. In 2018, wherever Klooney bulls have sold, they have either topped the sale or been among the high selling sire groups. 1,066 progeny have been analysed across 66 herds.

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Sydgen Black Pearl 2006 USA17236055

Black Pearl a son of Sydgen Trust, exhibits a placid nature, soundness of movement and structure and overall delightful phenotype. Black Pearl’s EPD’s takes all the EPD’s performance of his sire, to another level. More carcase, more growth, but with the same calving ease, fertility, with good positive fats.

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TeMania NZ 11 465

A New Zealand bred son of Tuwharetoa Regent with high rib & rump fat ebvs & top 1% IMF. He has given us a very big lift in IMF & body fat cover.

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