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Weeran at the forefront with angus genotyping technology

It’s such an exciting time to be in the Seedstock Industry and breeding Angus cattle, with the evolution of genomics and the availability of high performance genetics from within Australia and overseas! 

The gains we have made in the Weeran herd combining these outstanding genetics and phenotype to match, is placing our herd in an excellent position to supply industry leading bulls and females.  We are taking our selection decisions to the next level using the latest advancements in Angus Genotyping technology.

It is early days for the beef industry with the introduction of Genomics, but the early results look incredibly interesting.  At Weeran we are comprehensively testing the Autumn herd with a 50K test, along with all spring and autumn drop sale bulls for this forthcoming sale.  It is just the beginning, and something we are excited to be pursuing.  This is done through a hair or skin sample, and will provide sire and/or full parent verification, with approximately 50,000 gene markers attributed to performance orientated growth and carcase factors.

The results already are showing a large variation between embryo siblings, which makes selection and advancement of our breeding objectives far more accurate.  Genomic technology is at the forefront of this industry moving forward and Genomic testing is one more tool for us to use to more accurately predict the future performance of our animals.  Purchasing a bull is an investment and the more accurate the information is for selection, the better the investment! Weeran Angus are striving to provide the very best and latest information available to us as Seedstock Producers.

The Annual Autumn Bull Sale on Tuesday 25th February, 2020 at 1pm will be featuring the final offering of Herdbook Embryo’s purchased from Millah Murrah.  There will be sons of Ascot Hallmark, Millah Murrah Loch Up and Millah Murrah Lincoln.  An exciting three year program which has allowed us to sample the Millah Murrah program and run them alongside our own performance cattle.  There are also many outstanding sons by Wattletop Franklin G188, Boonaroo Gravity G13, Paringa Judd M118, Weeran Hooper H20, JMB Traction, Ardcairnie F96, Clunie Range Legend L348 and Barwidgee JayW, who have worked very successfully in the Weeran Herd.

Franklin is a trait leader for calving ease, growth, fertility and carcass traits.  His sons sold very well in the 2019 Weeran spring sale. Gravity has well rounded performance with calving ease, moderate growth and excellent carcass qualities. Paringa Judd M118 has very good early growth with excellent scrotal and fantastic indexing with really rounded carcase figures. Clunie Range Legend L348 has been described by other breeders as being one of the thickest Angus bulls ever. He has great structure and is deep and wide standing. Hooper constantly impresses and is such a complete sire who excels in calving ease, balanced growth and excellent carcase quality with an exemplary temperament. Three of his sons were equal top price at the recent spring sale.

We have completed an extensive Embryo program with Rob Pashen of AA Genetics.  We have a bank of embryo’s from the females purchased at Dispersal sales over the last two years.  Namely, Coolana, Witherswood, Anvil and Wattletop. This has given us an opportunity to continue to fast track and develop our Stud Herdbook program with very exciting progeny hitting the ground!

80 bulls will be on offer, with a mix of 18 month and 2 year old bulls.  They have all been assessed by Dick Whale on the GTS Type/Structure system, and passed for soundness and type.  This covers the Descriptive Traits and Structural Soundness Traits.  All bulls are semen quality tested, have received Pestivirus Vaccinations, along with Vibrio vaccinations, drenched and 7 in 1.

Our top grading sale bulls have already been used in the Weeran program to back up our Spring a.i. programs. They have experience under their belts!  They do very well to have worked for the Weeran joining and then to be able to be presented for purchase on sale day!

We invite you to attend our Beef Week Field Day on Tuesday 4th February, 2020. All sale bulls will be yarded and it’s a great opportunity to inspect them prior to sale.  If this day does not suit, please call us to organise another time.

Please email if you would like to receive a catalogue and contact Alec Moore on 0438 787258 or Tom French 0430 062844 if you would like further information on the sale bulls.

We look forward to welcoming you to Weeran Angus!



Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024
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