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Weeran 2021 Autumn Bull Sale

We must start this with a happy New Year and hoping that the 2021 year is a much kinder one to everybody around the country, and indeed the world. Challenging conditions for so many with bush fires, droughts, floods, and Covid.  Resilience has been tested by everybody and particularly over the last twelve months, and we wish everyone a very positive and successful 2021!

In the agricultural industry, many have enjoyed a fantastic season, excellent livestock prices across the board, bumper crops and demand for surplus females.  We are lucky to be in an industry which is feeding the world and an essential industry!

Weeran Quadman VHWQ90

Weeran ticked off the Spring Bull Sale under Covid restrictions, introducing an online platform with Elite Livestock Auctions, with great success.  This will form an integral part of Weeran Bull sales into the future.  Kerr and Co videoed every bull and put together an online presence that was very professional, and gave everybody from near and far the opportunity to be involved in the sale as a viewer interested in following the Weeran program, and for purchasers who were unable to attend the sale.  Ten bulls were sold online, and it created a very welcome added exposure.

We will follow along similar lines for this autumn sale being held on Tuesday 23rd February at 1pm.  Beef Week will give everybody the opportunity to view the line up of sale bulls on Thursday 28th January.  Inspections will also be welcomed by appointment, leading up to the Bull Sale. The online component of the sale will give ones who are unable to attend the sale, the opportunity to purchase online.

80 Performance Bulls will be catalogued for the Autumn sale, with the combination of two year old Autumn drop bulls and 18 month old Spring drop bulls. The reference sires we have used recently continue to produce outstanding young bulls.  Lawsons Momentous is a standout and is continuing to put his stamp on the Angus industry with 1,884 progeny analysed by Angus Australia across 44 herds (as of Dec 2020).  He is the lead sire in our forthcoming Weeran sale.  Described by semen suppliers as the ‘carcase king’, he is producing very exciting progeny at Weeran.  He offers very good structure with calving ease and an outstanding carcase profile!

Weeran purchased a young gun by Momentous at the recent Lawson Angus sale, being Lawsons Momentous Q85. We are looking forward to seeing his progeny hitting the ground.

Another new sire in the Weeran program impressing us is Baldridge Compass C041, who has calving ease and carcase, with positive fat. He is featured in the spring drop sale bulls. Weeran Joel, Weeran Hooper and Ascot Hallmark all continue to produce beautifully structured cattle, and always perform well in the Weeran herd.

The Weeran program has grown to over 800 registered breeders.  An enthusiastic team at Weeran looks forward to welcoming you to the Beef Week field day and Bull Sale.

You can follow the Weeran program on Facebook and Instagram, along with regular updates on our website . . .


Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024
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