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100 Bulls on Offer at Weeran

The record book is being rewritten with every cattle sale across the country! There is great satisfaction for all breeders to be a part of this era. What a reward to all breeders in the industry for the investment and hard work they are putting into their herds.

Weeran are taking a huge leap and offering 100 performance bulls in this sale. It is a natural progression with our program to expand our offering. They will impress with very good calving ease, excellent growth, and great carcase merit! Our performance profiles have risen to another level and we are so thrilled to see the results of research and aggressive breeding programs and some astute female purchases from leading dispersal sales, now all come to fruition.

Reference Sire, Sydgen Enhance was recommended to us by Dick Whale of IBMS, as an outstanding phenotype bull for both structure and type. He comes with genomic data out of USA for exceptional carcase and feed efficiency.  He is a top 1% feed efficiency bull which we believe is a trait that is vital to pursue.  Feed conversion efficiency, which produces a quality product, is a no brainer of a trait that needs to be utilised.  The seven of the first ten bulls catalogued for this sale are by Enhance. They have excellent temperament, with docility being so important.

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Lot 4 – R16

Lawson Angus genetics are well represented in the sale with 25 Bluebagger sons and 10 Momentous sons. Both have added significantly to our carcase profile.  Blue Bagger oozes carcase in the flesh and also in his data! Momentous, an outstanding individual that excels in every part of the supply chain’, and once again his EMA and IMF data is unquestionably good.

There are 7 bulls in the sale that have been used in the Weeran program, with the first five kicking off the sale in the autumn drop and the first two spring bulls to be offered also having been used in our program.  Testament to the bulls we are breeding!

Reference sires also include Baldridge Compass, Baldridge Beastmode, Clunes Crossing Dusty and Musgrave Exclusive who are all making their stamp in the industry.  New sire, Witherswood Bronc P0197, was purchased at 8 weeks old at the Witherswood Dispersal sale and has grown into a magnificent young sire. Well renown home bred sire, Weeran Hooper, is also represented in the sale.

Our bull sale will be held on property and online with Elite Livestock Auctions. This has worked very well for the last three sales, and definitely the start of a new era of selling at Weeran. We look forward to continuing the online presence with Elite.  For the first time, we will be running a video sale.  All bulls will be on display, and the auction will run by video in our woolshed beside the display yards.

The Weeran Team look forward to welcoming you to our beef week field day on Thursday 3rd February and our on property bull sale on Tuesday 22nd February @ 1pm.


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For additional information, please call Alec & Jo Moore 0429 787258.



12th December, 2022.


Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 30th August, 2022 10am – 4pm

Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 6th September, 2022 @ 1pm

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Friday 3rd February, 2023

Autumn Bull Sale

28th February, 2023 @ 1pm

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