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Alec & Jo Moore are thrilled to have been awarded ‘RASV Finalist’ for the heifer challenge competition run throughout Victoria and Southern NSW during the recent Beef Week field days. Sixty three Stud and Commercial operators entered this competition, which has been running for three years.  “It was a great thrill to be named in the top ten finalists, when you look at the caliber of entries across the two states.” 

Judging of the RASV Heifer Challenge

Judging of the RASV Heifer Challenge

The heifer challenge has generated additional interest and discussion from stud and commercial producers who are keen to see the quality of a stud’s future breeders.  “To put up ten of our best in front of the many visitors to Beef Week, gave everyone an opportunity to see the female base of Weeran Angus.  We are very proud of our female herd, and they are producing outstanding genetics.

Noelene King OAM, a highly respected cattle industry identity, judged the pen of heifers at Weeran.  She is the Chair of the RASV Beef Cattle committee and RASV Board member and Councillor.  Her judging criteria included breed characteristics, maternal potential, feet and leg structure, uniformity, temperament and the overall presentation and physical correctness.

 Noelene said the Weeran heifers are “A beautiful line up of heifers presented in a good sized yard. I was able to walk the girls around and get a good look at their udders and length of teat.  Very true to type and extremely feminine with a lovely “wedgey’ shape. These Angus heifers are a credit to the breeder, exhibiting all the values the Angus breed promotes in its females. Definitely in my top 10”.

Co judge, Gavin Wall, Farm Services Manager at Tintern Schools and Chair of the RAS Sheep and Goat committee said “the cattle industry is in very good hands, and considerable passion for the industry was shown during this competition”.   

RASV CEO, Mark O’Sullivan, said the RAS were “identifying and rewarding excellence” and thrilled to be celebrating and acknowledging the beef industry”.  Winner of the competition was Table Top Angus and runner up South Boorook Herefords.

Weeran will put up 70 bulls for auction on Wednesday 26th February @ 4pm on property at Weerangourt, Byaduk.  Please note the new date and time.  The performance driven approach we have conducted in our herd, has the cream rising to the surface.  Calves by Franklin, JayW, Bartel E7 and Nadal E398 have the WOW factor, both on paper and to the cattleman’s eye.  It is very exciting times for Weeran Angus.  We hope you will join the Moore family on sale day.  Weeran will be open for inspection from  10am.  Starting price will be $2,500.  For additional information, please call Alec & Jo on 0429  787258.  We look forward to welcoming you to Weeran Angus.


Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

Spring Bull Inspection Day

Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024
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