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Stepping it up at Weeran

Weeran Angus is stepping it up! Our team at Weerangourt are very passionate and excited about the future, with the development work we have done on our herd. This will allow us to offer more quality bulls to meet the growing demand of the industry, with a focus on product quality and client service.

Weeran is a specialist seedstock operation, producing Angus genetics for the beef industry, along with prime lambs, and crop production for our own use. Situated at Byaduk, Western Victoria, “Weerangourt”, is a family based farming operation, and a leading Angus herd producing high performance genetics, which are regularly proving their worth on farm and feedlot. We have two annual bull sales a year, supplying genetics for the autumn and spring joinings.

Extensive embryo programs were implemented with product now available in this years’ sales, along with expansion of the AI program to include a number of new and very exciting leading sires. Assistant Manager, Tim Wright and Cattle Consultant Dick Whale, toured USA during 2016, inspecting new sires and their progeny. 9,500kms, 60 plus herd visits and hundreds of progeny of key sires assessed, gave them a real insight into the sires worth pursuing. “ Weeran’s drive to improve and advance our product is something that we have been working on for many years, and we are thrilled with the end product that we will be offering at auction in 2017”.

Sometime ago we developed an elite autumn HBR herd, in an effort to expand our own well proven HBR families, along with a three year partnership purchasing some very exciting embryo’s to provide an outcross in our program. “To be successful, we need a number of great female lines and these new genetics will be a very exciting addition to the Weeran program. It will allow us to sample females from the heart of a great program and fast track those other families we need to have for the diversity you need for long lasting success”, said Weeran Principal Alec Moore. We are in this bull breeding business for the long haul, and have moved our program up a level to cater for the increased demand.

Our quest for moderate framed carcass cattle with exemplary temperament is well known. The demand for our steers by Rangers Valley Feedlot has led to a seventeen year partnership, showing Weeran genetics perform.

Client success in the marketplace is great to see through weaner sales, feedlot demand and special sales. Topping these sales show they are well rewarded for their efforts.

The females of the Weeran herd are the heart & soul of our operation. The product suitability & production cost outcomes are strongly related to how well suited your cows are for your markets & their grazing environment. We have the philosophy that the cow herd must have the genetics to satisfy our clients meat quality & production requirements and be able to produce this at a very low cost. To do this our herd must calve in the spring, rejoin in a short breeding season (80% calve in 4 weeks) adopt a short 5 month lactation period, & to be able to maintain this production efficiency at high stocking rates.

The first two year old offering of embryo transplant calves will be sold in this autumn sale. The lineup includes a number of new sires which we are confident will be very well received by the market. Sire lines include Werner Westward, Sydgen Black Pearl, TeMania-NZ 11 465, Musgrave Big Sky, Wattletop Jasper J3, TeMania Epistle E852 & Weeran Joel VHWJ13. These sires provide a very well balanced performance profile of calving ease linked with high growth and high quality carcass.

All bulls have been assessed by Dick Whale on the GTS Type/Structure system, and passed for soundness and type. The GTS system has been broken up into two distinctive trait groups; Descriptive Traits and Structural Soundness Traits. All bulls come with our guarantee. They are all semen quality tested, have received Pestivirius Vaccinations, along with Vibrio vaccinations, drenched and 7 in 1.

We invite you to attend our Beef Week Field Day on Tuesday 31st January, 2017. All sale bulls will be on display, along with a selection of females. Our Bull Sale will be held on Monday 27th February at 1pm. Inspections will open from 10am or by appointment prior to sale day. Visit our website on for all sale details and inspect our galleries of videos and photos. We look forward to welcoming you to Weeran Angus!

24th November 2016.




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