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A legend of the Angus breed visits weeran


Bill and-AlThe Weeran Angus team were lucky enough recently to have a legend of the American Angus Breed, Bill and Barbara Rishel of B/R Angus, Nebraska tour our property inspecting our herd.

Bill’s genetics, namely B/R New Design 036 and progeny have had a big influence on the Angus breed worldwide, and here at Weeran.

Bill said ‘they saw many good Angus cattle in Australia, and the cattle at Weeran were no exception. I was particularly impressed with several mobs of those young first calf heifers that you showed us. These females were the right kind for me. They were the frame size I like, very correct structurally, extremely good uddered, and were raising a very stout set of calves. I have always said that the females will make the difference in any breeding program. If you keep the cow herd heading in the right direction, everything else will fall into place and you will produce a top set of bulls for your clientele. I think you should be very pleased with the direction of your breeding program.”

It is always pleasing and informative to hear comments from other noted judges of the Angus breed, said Weeran Principal, Alec Moore. Bill has a tried and proven methodology to breeding better, productive, value adding cattle. That is, to keep your mistakes to a minimum or as he said, ‘the number of animals on the scrap pile’. When this becomes your aim, everything else will follow. Concentrate on raising the quality of your breeding herd, and then with closer analysis of this breeding nucleus, the cream will rise to the top. If you have a high risk program, that is not properly thought out, you will, on average, have more failures than success.

Weeran Angus will be offering 55 bulls in their on property autumn bull sale on Tuesday 19th February, 2013 at 1pm. On offer will be bulls sired by TC Franklin 619, TeMania Africa A217, B/R Future Direction 4268, and Silveiras M811 Total. Other sires Alpine Candybar C178, Alpine Dinky C106, Sitz New Design 458N and Ardrossan D19. These sires are all industry leading genetics which will propel our herd, and yours, into the future.

Weeran’s objective is to produce the full package of phenotype and balanced performance data with more emphasis on higher indexing bulls. Weeran is supplying this with a quiet, well developed animal who will visually, and on paper, impress.
Weeran has a strong commercial focus with a cow herd which is rigorously challenged to meet stringent seedstock and commercial relevance.

Weeran will be open for the Beef Week Field Days on Wednesday 30th January with all sale bulls on display.

For further information, Contact Alec Moore on 0438 787258 or Stephen Baker on 0408 719100. We look forward to welcoming you to Weeran Angus.


Autumn Bull Sale

Tuesday 27th February @ 1pm 2024

Autumn Beef Week Field Day

Saturday 3rd February, 2024

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Tuesday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Weeran Angus Spring Bull Sale

Tuesday 3rd September, 2024
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